ASTUR Service Package

All our International Language Camps as well as our Summer Courses provide a wide range of services. For example: Instead of having pay for each activity separately, we offer all scheduled activities in one package.

These services are included:

Full Board ||| No matter which course you take part in, as a participant of our programmes you will always be provided with full board accommodation, generally including two warm meals. In exceptional cases – during day trips or excursion for example – who receive packed lunch. There will always be enough food, don’t worry.
Student-Staff Ratio ||| Our camps and language programmes adhere to a fixed ratio of staff looking after their participants. We guarantee that 1 member of the team cares for 10 participants.
Insurance Coverage ||| All our participants are insured automatically by ASTUR, covering liability and accident costs.
Workshops ||| In addition to our activities, excursions and language courses we offer various interesting workshops in different fields: dancing and sports, acting and singing or handicraft work.
24/7 Hotline ||| Throughout the summer you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call, we will take care of your concerns personally.
24/7 Supervision ||| Our staff is there for you 24 hours a day. You can turn to them whenever needed. Not matter if you suffer from homesickness or insomnia, we take care of you.
Educational Material ||| Our prices always include all necessary educational material you may need during your course, no matter which programme you have chosen, ranging from pens to books.
Transparancy ||| We avoid to generate hidden costs for our participants. Consequently, all entry fees, tickets for transport and costs for other programme points are already included in the price of your programme. However, this doesn’t apply for personal costs such as your phone bill or your allowance.
Language Course ||| No matter which language you have decided to learn, the structure of our languages courses always remains the same: You will sit an initial grading test on your first day and attend 10 to 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week. There will be no more than a maximum of 15 students (Summer Coursesor 12 students (Language Camps) in each class (overall average: 10 students). At the end of your course you will be presented with a certificate including an individual performance report. All our teachers are professionals. They are native speakers or possess a comparable language proficiency in order to be allowed to teach.
Afternoon Activities ||| In the afternoons our team organises different sporty and creative activities, which we invite you to join.
Evening Activities ||| In the evenings there are quiz nights, theme shows and parties on your agenda.