ASTUR is a certified member of the Association of German Language Tour Operators, Fachverband Deutscher Sprachreise-Veranstalter e. V. (FDSV). The association was founded in 1977, when a number of German language tour operators combined their efforts. FDSV established – and has been maintaining until today – binding quality standards of language study travels for all its members, enabling customers to measure provided services. FDSV played a leading role in the development of the European standard for “Language study tour providers” (DIN EN 14804), being the first ever formalisation of relevant and obligatory elements of language study trips as well as a definition of appropriate expectations towards such trips.


One of the association’s most important bodies is its advisory board. Through regular assessments of language schools, lessons and forms of accommodation, the board ensures that FDSV quality standards and the requirements specified by European standards (DIN EN 14804) are continually met. Learn more about FDSV on their website.

Furthermore, ASTUR is a certified member of “Reisenetz e. V.“, the German Association for Youth Travel. ASTUR actively cooperates with these two organisations to improve the quality and sustainability of educational travel in Germany and Europe.


The non-profit umbrella-organisation Reisenetz e. V. has been working for more than 20 years now to consolidate education and tourism. The aim of Reisenetz is to contribute to a safer traveling environment for children and youth travel. Therefore, Reisenetz has strict quality standards, which have to be observed by its full members. Only those who meet all quality criteria can be certified and become a full member of Reisenetz. Learn more about Reisenetz on their website.