Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by parents, teachers and pupils. But if you have any other concerns or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.



What does ASTUR actually stand for?
How big is ASTUR?

Language Courses

What language courses are offered by ASTUR?
How do I learn a language with ASTUR?
How is a language taught in an ASTUR language class?
How are the language levels defined?
What if I feel like I am in the wrong language class?
Do I need to additionally pay for the teaching materials?
How many hours of teaching is in the language course?
How many pupils are there in each class?
Where are the classrooms?

Adult supervision

On trips
24/7 Supervision
Emergency number
Contact with parents
First Aid Qualification

Host Families

How does ASTUR select the host families?

The Team

What ist the team like?

Arrival and Accommodation

If I am travelling on my own, would I be picked up by a staff from ASTUR?
How are the rooms allocated?


What are the examples of afternoon activities?
How about the evening activities?
Are the transport cost included in the summer language camp programmes?
What sort of places would the pupils visit on day or half-day trips?