High School in Germany | Homestay

ASTUR‘s Academic-Year-Programme offers students from all over the world the opportunity to go to school in Germany. Our programmes range from the 12 week Academic Trimester programme to a whole school year which, according to the respective German Federal Sate (Bundesland) of your choice, can last anywhere between 42 to 48 weeks.
During their stay, students have the unique opportunity to experience Germany intensively, to improve their language skills and of course to make friends for life. ASTUR offers the Academic-Year-Programme in three different versions, which are differentiated based on time.
In order to optimise preparation for the Academic-Year stay it makes sense to improve your knowledge of the language even before the start of school through additional participation in one of ASTUR’s One-to-One courses. For more information about this please contact us.
Benefits of attending high school in Germany are:

  • Attending school in Germany for 3 to 11 months
  • Total immersion in the German language and German culture
  • Available in many destinations throughout Germany
  • One-to-One German language course optional

High School at a Glance

  • Age Group: 14 – 18 years old
    (school year 8 - 11)
  • Period: 05.08.2018 - 28.07.2019
  • Dates: all year round
  • Price:
    from 2.835 EUR (Trimester)
    from 4.395 EUR (Semester)
    from 9.425 EUR (Year)

Prices valid for travel dates between 05.08.2018 - 28.07.2019.

  • Language requirement: German (min. B1)

Do you have questions?

You are most welcome to call us directly. Katrin will be happy to assist you with any questions.

  • Katrin Müller
    +49 (0)661 92802-24

Where in Germany do students attend school?

In 2017 we had students from all around the world attending school in all regions of Germany. ASTUR was able to place most of the students according to their wishes, but we cannot always guarantee a certain school or a certain city.
The map below illustrates the location of some of the most popular destinations in 2017.

Attending a German High School

ASTUR will place you in a school and you will take part in regular lessons. This means that you are assigned to a class suitable for your age, previous results at school and your German language skills, where you will follow the general timetable.

It is important to be aware that the exact duration of your stay is dependent on when the holidays take place in the specific Bundesland that you’ll be in. The named durations of stay in the Academic year programme of 12, 19 and 44 weeks are respectively the possible minimum stay durations. Holidays such as Easter or Autumn can fall within these periods, meaning that, for example, in a stay of 12 weeks in the spring the overall school time is only 10 weeks due to the two week Easter holidays. If you want to be in school longer, then you can lengthen your total stay by booking extension weeks. The same applies for summer holidays. Since the dates of the summer holidays are dependent on the individual Bundesland, it must be clarified in advance when your programme starts and how long you want to stay in Germany.

In principle a complete Academic Year is a full German school year, not taking into account summer holiday. An Academic semester can either be completed in the first half of the school year or in the second half of the school year. An Academic Trimester can be flexibly booked and doesn’t have to correspond with the exact start and end dates of a given semester. For example, in winter a Trimester spanning across two semesters can be booked.

On your first day of school you will go to your German school either together with your host family or with one of their children, or your family has shown you the right way beforehand. There you must register at the office and the teachers will help you settle in to your class and meet your new classmates. Depending on the Bundesland and the type of school, it is sometimes also necessary to fill out relevant forms. These forms can be filled out at home with the help of your host family.

The idea of the programme is that you take part in classes like a German pupil. That of course means sitting class tests and exams in all the subjects on your timetable. You also have to do homework like all other students when you go to school in Germany.

At the end of your stay, on the grounds that you completed a full school year, you will receive grades and/or an official report from the school. If you stayed for a shorter period of time, it is down to the school which type of report you get. If your stay doesn’t end at the same time as the German end of semester or school year, you will receive a certificate of your stay regardless.

Please note: it is your responsibility to have your German school performance (legally) approved by the school or school department in your home country. So please make absolutely sure you know the exact conditions, i. e. which subjects you have to register for and how many lessons you will have to take.

Our ASTUR teachers teach you in the morning.
Course rooms in the Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz: bright and modern.

Arrival and Accommodation

The arrival day for the Academic Year programme is always at the weekend before school starts. You will get to know your host family before school. Departure day is at the weekend after school has finished. You will make your travel arrangements on your own: your parents will bring you to the host family by car, or you will come by plane or by train to your destination.

If you arrive or depart by train, you will be picked up by the host family at the nearest train station.

If you arrive or depart by plane, we recommend you to sign up for a transfer to/from the host family as early as possible upon booking. You will then be picked up punctually and won’t need to worry about anything.

Depending on your age, if you have booked a UM service (UM = Unaccompanied Minor) with your airline, you should also book the UM service for an extra fee additional to the transfer to the family as early as possible with us, as airport checks and procedures are long and complicated.

Private accommodation with a host family

In a homestay, our international guests get first-hand experience of life in a German household with its every day culture and typical way of living. In the Academic Year programme you will always be accommodated in a single room.

In a homestay you will receive full board. You will begin the day with a typical breakfast in the morning. For the afternoon you will be given a packed lunch by your host family or you will have lunch with the family, and in the evening the family will cook a hot meal. The host family will find out from you what you like and don’t like to eat, and as a bonus, you will also get to know about German cuisine. If you have lunch in the school cafeteria you have to arrange your meals there on your own.

Please let us know in your application whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any other dietary requirement. We will try to accommodate your preferences and cater for individual needs wherever possible.

Free Time and Supervision

The Academic Trimester, Academic Semester and Academic Year programmes do not include organised free time supervision. You can take charge of your afterschool free time activities and orientate yourself in relation to the hobbies of your classmates and host family. In school you can avail of the extracurricular activities on offer and after school, with the help of your host family you can, for example, register for a sports team and their many offers. Here you can get to know lots more people above and beyond your host family.

You will spend the evenings with the host family. They will integrate you in their everyday life. You might cook together with the family or play a typical board game.

Furthermore, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline every day which we will react to immediately should there be a bigger problem.


Before the beginning of your stay you will receive a detailed information pack from us with everything you need to know about arrival, what you should pack and the activity programme. In the family you can get access to Wi-Fi, but ultimately this is the responsibility of your host family.

Please note, that your regular health insurance generally will not cover you for all treatment costs incurred in Germany. We, therefore, generally recommend purchasing foreign health insurance as well as accident and liability insurance. You can purchase these insurances without hassle through us as a complete package for the duration of your stay. If you do not book your insurance through ASTUR, we will need to see proof of your existing insurance before your arrival.

If you need a visa to enter Germany you will be required to show proof that you have purchased a respective insurance in order to apply for the visa. It’s best to talk to your agency or with us directly. We’re always happy to help.

Further Information

Please note that for our Academic-Year programme a good understanding of the German language is required. We recommend that you have at language level of at least B1 in accordance with CEFR.

Please also note that the holiday times in Germany vary as Germany operates a federal education system. The exact framework of an Academic Year regarding the start and duration of the programme is different in every Bundesland. You should therefore contact us before booking the stay to speak to us and get further advice.

One last tip to finish: If you want to freshen up your German skills before the official start of your school stay, we would recommend taking part in one of our individual One-to-One programmes. In this students are attentively nurtured and at the same time gets used to the way of life in Germany. As such they can concentrate care-free on the Academic Year programme when it officially starts. For more information about this, please contact us.

Package High School in Germany | Homestay

  • Arrival and departure is at the weekend before school starts / after school finished
  • Self-arranged arrival at course center
  • Transfer from / to nearest local train station
  • Transfer to / from course center from / to airport optional (additional fee)
  • From 12 (Academic Trimester), 19 (Academic Semester) or 44 (Academic Year) weeks, additional weeks (7 days / 7 nights)
  • Private accommodation with a host family in a single room
  • Full board with breakfast, lunch/packed lunch, dinner
Attending a school
  • Clarification of school requirements of the student’s country of origin for the German school
  • Placement in a school in Germany
  • Attendance in a regular class/grade based on age, previous performance at school and German language skills
Free Time and Supervision
  • Individual participation in extracurricular activities and sports teams according to interests and what the location has to offer
  • During holidays and at the weekend, recreational activities revolve around the activities of the host family
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Extensive information material before the beginning of the trip
  • Regular meeting with the local ASTUR staff on site
  • ASTUR student ID card with emergency contacts
Not included in the price
  • Public transport tickets for your destination
  • Book allowance for school materials
  • Costs for school trips
  • Lunch at school cafeteria
  • Pocket money/allowance
  • Costs for non-school activities (extracurricular activities, sports teams etc.)
  • Costs for non-standard activities with the host family, for example trips during school holidays etc.
  • Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident) optional (additional fee)

Prices and Dates

High School in Germany 2018 - 2019
Location Academic Trimester Academic Semester Academic Year
12 Weeks Add. Weeks 19 Weeks Add. Weeks 44 Weeks Add. Weeks
Germany 2.835 EUR 245 EUR 4.395 EUR 245 EUR 9.425 EUR 245 EUR
Additional prices Surcharge
Berlin supplement for host family accommodation in the capital city (per week) 27,50 EUR
Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident for EU** citizens (per day) 1,10 EUR
Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident for non-EU** citizens (per day) 2,00 EUR
Invitation / booking confirmation for visa (plus postage) 30 EUR
Transfers (always one-way) Surcharge
from / to closest airport 50 EUR
UM service fee (when UM booked with the airline) 40 EUR

** EU = European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland.
Procedures and programme itinerary may be subject to change!
Prices valid for travel dates between 05.08.2018 - 28.07.2019.

If you would like to send your application by fax or by post, you can also download the Application Form and fill it out.

The contents of our programmes are based on the European standards for language travel DIN EN 14804.