International Language Camp 16-plus Berlin | Residence

Berlin is in demand as one of the most popular places to learn languages. The capital city is full of life and opportunities in every respect and long trips to this Metropolis are never boring. As a multicultural town, Berlin is an ideal location for our language camp.

You will either live in the stylish new youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz, right in the middle of the trendy neighbourhood Friedrichshain, or with a host family. From the hostel you can easily get involved with a whole range of exciting activities as a part of our free time programme, as the Berlin-Ostkreuz S-Bahn (metro) is only a few minutes’ walk away and you can also reach the River Spree in only a few steps.

If you are over 16 years old, you can book accommodation without pastoral supervision for the intensive language course in Chinese, English or German. You can then discover this global city on your own in your free time.

  • Experience the capital city
  • Multicultural environment both on camp and in the city
  • Language camp in the centre of Berlin
  • Students over 16 years old without restricting supervision

Language Camp at a Glance

  • Age Group: 16 - 21 years old
  • Camp Dates: 16th July - 20th August 2017
    Duration: From 1 week (8 days / 7 nights)
  • Price:
    595 EUR (first week)
    570 EUR (each additional week)
  • Language Courses:
    German (A0-B2)
    English (A0-B2)
    Chinese (A0-A2; from 16th July - 06th August 2017)

Do you have questions?

You are most welcome to call us directly. Susanne will be happy to assist you with any questions.

  • Susanne Baumgart-Hofmann
    +49 (0)661 92082-20

Where in Germany is the Language Camp Berlin?

Language Camp Berlin: Chinese, German and English

In our International Language Camp Berlin we offer language courses in:

  • Chinese (A0 – A2)
  • German (A0 – B2)
  • English (A0 – B2)

Your intensive language course will always take place in the morning with 4 lessons a day for 5 days. German students learn English or Chinese, and students from other countries learn either Chinese or German. At the beginning of every week each student will take a placement test in their chosen language, which the teachers will use to help them with preparation for the lessons. Even though we will separate the groups by level when possible, sometimes, depending on the booking situation, different levels will be taught in the same class together. However, this will have no great effect on your ability to learn, as at home after all you also have different levels in your class at school. Our teachers are experienced in preparing the best lesson material appropriate for each individual student. There is also always a maximum of 15 students in our classes, so lessons are manageable and give you the opportunity to actively participate in class a lot more than you can at school.

Learning to use the language actively is the primary aim of the lessons. Our teachers create their own motivating, cultural and original lesson plans. They can be about a whole range of topics that are taken from “real life” in the form of discussions, role plays, interviews and other active elements. You will simply be able to speak and you should seize this opportunity as speaking the language will aid your learning success and motivation and allow you to take further steps with the language in the future. Your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar will also automatically expand and improve – not only through rote learning, but also through speaking and listening.

Our teachers are native speakers. That means that they do not only speak the language fluently, but they have an ingrained understanding of their native culture. Moreover, they have experience in communicating their language to students from other countries.

We teach from levels A0 (beginner without previous knowledge) up to A2 (basic knowledge) in Chinese respectively B2 (Upper Intermediate) in German and English in accordance with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We have different lesson material for every level, and the certificate that you receive at the end of your stay will indicate at what level and for how many hours you were taught.

Course rooms in the Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz: bright and modern.

Arrival and Accommodation

The arrival and departure day at the language camp in Berlin Ostkreuz is always on Sunday. Your parents will either bring you to the youth hostel or meeting point with host families by car, or you will come by plane to Berlin-Tegel or Berlin-Schönefeld, or by train to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) or Berlin Ostbahnhof (East Station). If you arrive or depart by plane or train, we recommend you to sign up for a transfer to/from the youth hostel or meeting point as early as possible upon booking. You will then be picked up punctually and won’t need to worry about anything.

Please organise your arrival and departure so that you check in between 14:00 and 17:00 and check out between 08:00 – 11:00. Lunch is not included in the price of your arrival and departure day. If you need it due to early or late arrival or departure times, you can book this for an additional fee. For arrivals and transfers outside the allotted times there will also be a surcharge.

Residential accommodation in the Youth Hostel

In the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz you will live with other international students in modern 4-bed rooms with ensuite shower and toilet. Depending on travel dates students of the same nationality may be accommodated in the same room. If you are taking part in the 16-plus programme, then you can also book an optional 2-bed room.

Please be aware that on arrival at the youth hostel we must receive a deposit of 50 EUR per student. This will be returned to you when you leave the camp, providing that you have left everything in order, e.g. you have not lost the room key.

As we offer full board to our students, you will begin the day with a good breakfast in the morning. You can choose what you would like to eat from a buffet. After lessons every student will have a lunch break before the afternoon activities. Whether you eat lunch in the youth hostel or have a packed lunch will depend on the timings of the subsequent programme. There will always be a hot meal for dinner, when you can fill your plate with food from the buffet.

Please let us know in your application whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any other dietary requirement. We will try to accommodate your preferences and cater for individual needs wherever possible.

Jugendherberge Berlin Ostkreuz Cafeteria.
4-Bed-Rooms in the Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz.
Jugendherberge Berlin Ostkreuz Cafeteria.
Jugendherberge Berlin Ostkreuz Main Building
4-Bed-Rooms in the Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz.
Modern Bath Rooms in the Youth Hostel Berlin Ostkreuz.

Free Time and Supervision

If you sign up for our 16-plus programme, the free time programme will not be a part of your course. Instead, you will be able to explore and enjoy the numerous historical and cultural sights of the capital city of Germany on your own terms with friends. Discover the life of the capital independently and find out about the different Berlin neighbourhoods, each with its own special feel. If you require support during your stay, our supervisors and teachers will always be there for help and advice. You will meet them every day in the youth hostel and can contact them by telephone at any time of day.

Furthermore, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline every day which we will react to immediately should there be a bigger problem.

As a part of the 16-plus programme, you can also book a place on our day trip and specials.

Specials in Language Camp Berlin

Even if you do not participate in the daily free time activities as part of the 16-plus Programme, you are still welcome to book our specials! If you would like to take part in our specials, you should let us know as early as possible when you book your trip. Depending on the sport, the providers responsible need to receive a form of consent from your parents in advance. We offer various opportunities with qualified and specialised experts:

Special: Kung Fu Workshop

Kung Fu Workshop

The martial art of Kung plays an important role in Chinese culture. It was discovered over 1000 years ago by Shaolin monks and is the source of many other Asian martial arts. The term Kung Fu is a synonym for the skill or ability, that you acquire through practice and continuous training. Our Chinese coaches will teach you the basics and the first few exercises on two afternoons a week.

60 € per week

Special: StreetArt Workshop

StreetArt Workshop

Berlin is Germany’s graffiti scene capital. After all, the Berlin Wall is still the world’s biggest street art object today. Wherever you are in Berlin, you will see avant-garde and creative wall art everywhere, from construction fences, to piers to the walls of derelict buildings. In our workshop you will learn about the different styles and techniques, as well as about the history of this art form, its vocabulary and the latest trends.

60 € per week

Special: Lernen wie ein Boss

Learn like a Boss

The secret of all managers who lead top worldwide business. If you need to learn the language fast and as effectively as possible, then you can sign up for our one-to-one lessons. In addition to your language lessons in the morning, you can also sign up for two further private individual lessons in the week in your chosen language. Here you can make individual progress in your language.

90 € per week

Package Language Camp 16-plus Berlin | Residence

  • Arrival and departure is on Sunday (arrival 14:00 – 17:00, departure 08:00 – 11:00)
  • Self-arranged arrival by car to / from the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz or meeting point
  • Self-arranged arrival to Berlin-Tegel airport (TXL) or Berlin-Schönefeld airport (SXF); Transfer to / from the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz or meeting point optional
  • Self-arranged arrival to Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (main train station) or Berlin-Ostbahnhof (East train station); Transfer to / from the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz or meeting point optional
  • From 8 days / 7 nights, additional weeks (7 days / 7 nights)
  • Accommodation in the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz, sharing a 4-bed room with students of other nationalities with ensuite shower and toilet; 2-bed room optional
  • Full board with breakfast, lunch/packed lunch, dinner
  • Extensive information material before the beginning of the trip
  • ASTUR student ID card with emergency contacts
  • Free Wi-Fi in the reception area of the youth hostel
ASTUR Language Courses
  • Intensive language course Chinese (A0 – A2), English (A0 – B2) or German (A0 – B2) each with 4 lessons every morning for 5 days (in total 20 lessons of 45 minutes a week) with qualified native speaker teachers
  • Placement test at the beginning of every week
  • Class size maximum 15 students
  • Provision of teaching material (textbook, workbook, folder, pen)
  • ASTUR certificate with an individual grade in accordance with CEFR at the end of the course
Free Time and Supervision
  • Individual organisation of free time and programme
  • Assistance of Camp Staff in case of Emergency
  • Specials Kung Fu Workshop, Street Art Workshop and „Learn like a Boss” optional (additional fee)
  • Camp languages German, English and Chinese
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline and around the clock care with the ASTUR team on the camp
Not included in the price
  • Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident) optional (additional fee)

Prices and Dates

International Language Camp Berlin 16-plus 2017 (Residential)
Course Dates Language Courses Residential Accommodation
german english chinese One Week Additional Week
16.07.2017 – 23.07.2017 595 EUR 570 EUR
23.07.2017 – 30.07.2017 595 EUR 570 EUR
30.07.2017 – 06.08.2017 595 EUR 570 EUR
06.08.2017 – 13.08.2017 - 595 EUR 570 EUR
13.08.2017 – 20.08.2017 - 595 EUR 570 EUR
Additional Prices Surcharge
Double Room in Youth Hostel (per week) 50 EUR
Deposit (will be returned at the end of the stay) 50 EUR
Special: Kung Fu Workshop (minimum 6 participants)* 60 EUR
Special: Street Art Workshop (minimum 6 participants)* 60 EUR
Special “Learn like a Boss”: two extra private lessons* 90 EUR
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for EU** citizens (per day) 1,10 EUR
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for non-EU** citizens (per day) 2,00 EUR
Invitation / booking confirmation for visa (plus postage) 30 EUR
Transfers (always one-way) Surcharge
from / to Berlin-Tegel airport (TXL) 50 EUR
from / to Berlin-Schönefeld airport (SXF) 50 EUR
from / to Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) 40 EUR
from / to Berlin-Ostbahnhof (East Station) 20 EUR
Early arrival (before 12:00) or late departure (after 13:00) 75 EUR
Additional lunch with an early arrival or late departure 15 EUR

* Specials replace two afternoon activities per week (Kung Fu and Street Art)
   or one afternoon activitie per week ("Learn like a Boss").
** EU = European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland.
Minimum 12 participants per date and language course.
Subject to technical modifications concerning processes and programme items!

If you would like to send your application by fax or by post, you can also download the Application Form and fill it out.

The contents of our programmes are based on the European standards for language travel DIN EN 14804.